Country is still the predominant radio music format in the United States, with over 2000 radio stations programming Country music. Of these, less than 150 are represented on Airplay Monitor and Radio and Records charts. While it is vital to promote music within these top 100 markets, it is also important, and tremendously beneficial to the development of an artist, to look beyond the scope of the largest population centers, where Country Radio stations often have smaller audiences relative to other formats. Marco Promotions specializes in soliciting airplay in secondary markets throughout the United States; in suburban and rural markets where Country Music and country lifestyle are still prevalent.

In this period of consolidation when radio has become more centrally controlled, and the influence of airplay consultants has further limited opportunity for exposure of new artists and new product, secondary market radio is often a more hospitable environment for these artist's careers to take root. Our goal is to fully introduce an artist to a market through secured airplay, as well as facilitating radio investment in an artist's career via telephone interviews, product give-aways and tour date support. We strive to facilitate a partnership between radio and our artists.

For over fifteen years, Marco Promotions has established steady and ever-growing relationships with a secondary radio.   Through many years of telephone relations and communication, involvement in industry events, and station visits, Marco staff has developed and maintained enduring relationships with key programmers, syndicators, consultants, the two major satellite radio services, and industry professionals.

*As a footnote the term Marco was derived from "Marconi" who invented radio, the sustaining philosophy being to provide inventive ways to approach radio promoters.