Radio Promotion - The Formats

Marco Promotions specializes in promoting and marketing product to the following:

Radio Promotion - The Services

The Marco Promotions Services Include:

Our radio marketing strategy provides the artist a twofold opportunity to make an impact at secondary country radio by

This focus enables the artist to build a foundation for chart success early in the life of the record.

The Basic Program

A. Initial Setup / Meeting

  1. Marco Promotions to receive music from artist
    • • Listen to and evaluate the potential of the record to chart.
  2. Meet with the client or label representative to determine the records suitability towards possible stations / markets.
  3. Determine the appropriate time to ship the record and begin soliciting playlist adds.
  4. Sign agreement for services to be provide

B. Record Promotion

  1. Marco will ship singles to radio or provide mailing lists for client to ship
    • • Customarily minimum 150, maximum 400
  2. Emails will be sent to all stations
  3. Follow up calls will be made to begin soliciting adds

C. Record Promotion Maintenance

  1. Marco Promotions will compile weekly reports throughout the life of the record detailing:
    • • Airplay
      • Adds
      • Conversions
      • Comments from Programmers

D. Continuation of Service

      • The service will continue until the record is no longer viable or twelve weeks, whichever is more.


"So you're doing radio promotion for marketing reasons instead of just playing the chart game. What a concept! Coupled with AristoMedia's Video Promotion and Publicity, you have truly become Nashville's sole full-service marketing support company. Congratulations!"

- Mike Martinovich, The Consortium, Nashville, Tennessee

"Rick Kelly and the Marco folks are the best - they've delivered several multi-week #1's that wouldn't have happened had it not been for them."

- Larry Pareigis, Independant Radio Promotion Consultant, Formerly SVP/Radio Promotion, Columbia Records Nashville